In sightseeing Sanin / Tottori prefecture, "Kurayoshi," a town of timeless nostalgia is a must
HOMESightseeingShirakabe Dozogun, Akagawara area model walking trail

Nostalgic route

The stroll through Shirakabe Dozogun along the Tama River and Honmachi Street is full of retro-ambience (Kurayoshi Nostalgic Street Museum). Fully explore Kurayoshi, from the former Makita residence (the oldest townhouse existing in Kurayoshi) in the west to Diakuin in the east, which is connected with Tadayoshi Satomi, a lord of Tateyama in Chiba and his eight knights, who were the subjects of the novel "Nanso Satomi Hakkenden ."

Distance About 2km Time About 2.0km

1Akagawara Shop #10 Shirakabedozo AkagawaraTourist Information Center, Kitchen Café "Tennyo no Izumi"
The Tourist Information Center accepts reservations for tour guides , offers a free rent-a-bike service, and a baggage custody service.

2Daigakuin Temple
A prestigious Soto Zen training temple established in 1605. Tadayoshi Satomi, the last lord of Tateyama Castle in Awanokuni (Chiba prefecture) and his 8 retainers, who became the subjects of "Nanso Satomi Hakkenden" (Eight Dog Chronicles), are buried here.
3Shirakabe Dozogun
Shirakabe Dozogun has a lot of buildings that were established in the Edo and Meiji periods and the remnants of olden times can still be seen now. As we walk on stone bridges across the Tama river and along the quiet, quaint streets of Akagawara with its white mortar  walls, we can feel time flow slowly.
4Akagawara #1 - #3
Akagawara consists of  10 buildings  including unique shops and galleries, craft factories of local toys, full of events and activities as well as gift shopping.
5Dairenji Temple
This modern-taste main hall with a reinforced concrete structure was rebuilt in 1955 and is famous as a temple associated with the warrior Yoshisuke Wakiya of the Kenmu period and Yodoya Seibei, a prosperous merchant in Osaka.
6Kurayoshi Yodoya
Built in 1760, this is the oldest ordinary building that exists in Kurayoshi. The Makita family, under the trademark of  "Yodoya," were prominent merchants in Kurayoshi, and are said to have had close ties with the business tycoon Yodoya in Osaka, who is famous for the Yodoya Bridge.
7Toyota Family Residence
The main house, built in 1900, has a gable roof structure with Japanese pantiles and is designed in the hirairi style (a style where the entrance of the building is parallel to the ridge of the roof). It is a two-story wooden house which retains Kurayoshi's traditional form of a townhouse.
8Kurayoshi Retro-kan
A living room dating from the Showa period is represented. It is full of articles of the Edo, Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras including a low dining table, china bowls and chopsticks with images of cartoon figures, and a black-and-white TV set.
9Takata Sake Brewery
The main building is a sake brewery, built in 1843, which well represents the characteristics of an ordinary house in Kurayoshi in the design of the grates and eaves, or space created with roof truss. The brewery visit is also popular.
10Akagawara #8, #6, #7
Akagawara consists of  10 buildings  including unique shops and galleries, craft factories of local toys, full of events and activities as well as gift shopping.