In sightseeing Sanin / Tottori prefecture, "Kurayoshi," a town of timeless nostalgia is a must

Hakota doll painting experience
Its face depends on you! Let's draw a wonderful face!

Reservation required.
Service available only for a small group.

Place Akagawara Shop #2 Hakota Dolls Factory
Place 1 Shinmachi, Kurayoshi, Tottori MAP
Fee Adult 1,500 yen, child 1,200 yen
TEL 0858-23-6666(Akagawara Ichigokan)
Business hours 9:00 - 17:00
closed Thursday, Friday
Parking Area Use tourist parking areas
Link Akagawara WEBSITE

Picture letter experience
Make original picture letters and envelopes with Inshu-Washi, a traditional craft in Tottori prefecture.
Reservation required.
Service to make your own handmade washi is not provided.
Last entrance time: 16:00.

Place Fumiko's Handmade Factory
Place Akagawara Shop #1, 1 Shinmachi, Kurayoshi, Tottori MAP
Fee Picture letters 500yen (2 letters), making envelopes 200yen (3 pieces)
TEL 090-3372-5422
Business hours 10:00 - 16:30
(applications to join the activity are accepted until 16:00 of the day)
closed Open 365 days
Parking Area Use tourist parking areas
Link Akagawara WEBSITE

Kurayoshi Kite (Kurayoshi-Ika) making
Traditional Kurayoshi Kites are still produced today. They can be made easily and fly well. Original painting can also be added.
Orders available for a Shusse Ika that symbolizes strength and success in life and add the names of your children and/or grandchildren, or a Hanjyo Ika that symbolizes successful business.

Reservation required.

Place Kite Studio
Place 2586 Higashinakamachi, Kurayoshi, Tottori MAP
Fee 1200 yen (actual cost of 1 kite)
TEL 0858-23-3453
Business hours 10:00 - 17:00
closed Tuesday
Parking Area Use tourist parking areas

Pottery experience
There are 7 potteries in western Kurayoshi, surrounded by rich nature and beautiful mountains. Enjoy making original pottery pieces.

Reservation required.

Place Each pottery
Place Kurayoshi, TottoriMAP
Fee 1,000-3,000 yen
Reservation Apply directly to each pottery
Note Sudden visits may not be accepted - please make a prior reservation at each pottery.
  • Kazuwa Ware [TEL] 0858-22-8389
  • Kazuwa Ware Kazuwazan kiln [TEL] 0858-22-5705
  • Fukumitsu Ware [TEL] 0858-28-0605
  • Kuromi Ware [TEL] 0858-28-0857
  • Kurayoshi Ware Hachiman kiln [TEL] 0858-22-8826
  • Tamahaku Ware [TEL] 0858-22-6072
  • Kokuzou Ware [TEL] 0858-22-8388
  • Utsubuki Ware [TEL] 090-1330-6285

Catch fish with hands, lures, flies/managed fishing in the stream
Seiryuyu YOU Village makes use of the original river flow and is a perfect place to play in nature in all seasons. There is a managed fishing spot, you can catch fish with lures, flies, or by hand, and you can barbecue.

Place Seiryuyu YOU Village
Place 639 Koizumi Sekiganecho Kurayoshi, Tottori MAP
TEL 0858-45-1015 or 0858-45-2900 (managed fishing spot)
Business hours 7:00 - 18:00 (9:00 - 16:30 from October to Febraury)
closed Open 365 days
  • Catch fish with hands
    1. Entrance fee to the pond 500yen
    2. Rainbow trout 1,600 yen/kg, landlocked masu salmon 2,600 yen/kg, iwana mountain trout 2,600 yen/kg
    About 7-9 fish amount to 1kg. Excess fish will be released according to your budget.
    Time restriction may be applied depending on booking status.
  • Catch fish with lures or flies
    Adult 3,500yen, child (elementary school pupils or younger) 1,500 yen
    Other costs: rods to rent 500 yen, bait: 450–500 yen
    No restriction will be applied to the number of fish caught per day.
  • Managed fishing in the stream
    [ One-day ticket ]
    adult 3,500 yen, child (elementary school pupils or younger) 2,000 yen [ Afternoon ticket ]
    adult 2,000 yen, child (elementary school pupils or younger) 1,000 yen
    Afternoon tickets will be sold from 12:00.
    You are free to take any fish caught for no extra charge.
Parking Area Available

Fishing for iwana mountain trout/rainbow trout
One can enjoy fishing for rainbow trout and iwana mountain trout that have grown up in cold, clean water. At the restaurant "Iwanaya," one can try fish from this ideal environment.

Place Higashidaisen Trout Farm
Place 467-204 Oaza Nozoe, Sekiganecho, Kurayoshi, Tottori MAP
TEL 0858-45-3890
Business hours April – November: 10:00 - 17:00
(prior communication is necessary if you plan to go after 16:00)
closed Second and fourth Thursday, December - March
Parking Area Available

Making handmade soba noodles
Make handmade soba nooldes with select buckwheat flour.

Reservation required.

Place Suishanosato hands-on craft center
Place 2468 Myoko Sekiganecho, Kurayoshi, Tottori MAP
  1. Activity 1: .1  dough (about 5 noodles) 2,500 yen
    If two or more people cook 1 dough, a fee of 300 yen per additional person is charged.
  2. Activity 2: 1 noodle ( zaru-soba, hot soba ) Least fee: 600 yen
TEL 0858-45-1128 or 0858-45-2208 (contact: Hirofumi Oe)
Business hours Sunday only 10:00 - 16:00
Activities take place twice a day from 10:00 and from 14:00
Days of operation Winter season (January - mid March)
Parking Area Available
  • Reservation is required for activities.
  • Eating soba doesn't need a reservation.
  • May open on weekdays and Saturdays if a reservation for 5 bowls is made (for about 20-25 people).

Kurayoshi Tourist Pear Farm
Osa Gold Nijisseiki pear and Gold Nijisseiki pear are planted here and the views of Daisen and the Japan Sea are magnificent.

Farm stands offer gift wrapping.
All-you-can-eat at the farm

Place Kurayoshi Tourist Pear Farm
Place Sawa Yama Nashi Danchi Furukawasawa, Kurayoshi, Tottori
[Entrance] Hojyojima Hokueicho Touhakugun (on Route 313) MAP
  • Adult (junior high school students or older) 700 yen
  • Child (elementary school children or younger) 600 yen
  • Group (more than 20 people) 100 yen discount
TEL 080-1918-1771 (Kurayoshi Tourist Pear Farm (contact: Kanemoto)
0858-29-6183 (JA CentralTottori Central Agriculture Center)
FAX 0858-26-2901(Kurayoshi Tourist Pear Farm)
Business hours (For 2010 ) 28th Aug. (Sat.) - 23rd Sep. (Thu.) 10:00 - 16:00
Days of operation Open every day during season
Parking Area Available
Link Kurayoshi Tourist Pear Farm WEBSITE

Brewery visit
Breweries in Kurayoshi accept visiting tours in the period when new sake is brewed and in other seasons all year round.

Please be sure to make a prior reservation at each brewery; sudden visits may not be accepted.
The period to brew new sake is January and Feburary.
Breweries are cold, so wear warm clothing.
Reservation required.

Place Each brewery
Days of operation All year
Place Kurayoshi, Tottori
  • Gensui Sake Brewery
    [TEL] 0858-22-5020
    Mmain shop: 2573 Higashinakamachi, Kurayoshi, Tottori MAP
    Brewery tour: Dakyojicho, Kurayoshi, Tottori MAP
    [Business hours] 9:00 - 16:00
    [closed] Open 365 days
  • Takata Sake Brewery
    [TEL] 0858-23-1511
    [Place] 2633 Nishinakamachi, Kurayoshi, Tottori MAP
    [Business hours] 8:30 - 17:30
    [closed] Open 365 days
Fee Free
Reservation Apply directly to each brewery
Link Gensui Sake Brewery WEBSITE
Takata Sake Brewery WEBSITE

Confectionery factory visit
Ideal for children, including field trips and research projects. The experience is fun for adults, too.

Place Sweetland TAKARA
Place 2919-2 Sekiganeshuku Sekiganecho , Kurayoshi, Tottori MAP
Fee Free
TEL 0858-48-7070
Business hours 9:00 - 17:30
closed Open 365 days
Parking Area Available