TORYU OGURI HANGAN(July 1997,Kabukiza Theater)

Oguri Hangan(Ennosuke),Namishichi(Ennosuke),Terutehime(Emiya),Yokoyama Jiro(Danjiro),Seta no Unazo(Danjiro),Yokoyama Saburo(Enya),Hashizo(Enya),Omaki(Emisaburo),Okoma(Emisaburo),Fujinami(Shunen),Michisuke(Ukon),Ofuji(Monnosuke),Yugyo Shonin(Karoku),Yokoyama Daizen(Danshiro),Dohachi(Danshiro)

Yokoyama Gunji who governs Hitachi is going to give his land to Oguri Hangan, his daughter Teruhime's husband to be. His younger brother, Daizen wanted the land and Daizen's second son, Jiro wanted to marry Teruhime. So they stole an important paper and an valuable treasure, Kachidoki no Kutsuwa, and kidnapped Teruhime and killed Gunji at Tsuruokahachimangu Shrine as if he killed himself. They demanded her to marry Jiro, but she refused their proposal.
Daizen and Jiro asked Oguri Hangan to show his tecniques of riding horses because they intended to kill him by a wild horse. But he could ride it very well.
Being rescued by Fujinam, Teruhime fled to Yugyozi Temple. Oguri who found Daizen's knife also went the temple.
Namishichi, Fisherman in Katadaura, the Province of Omi hid Teruhime under the floor of his house. Onigawara no Dohachi is the brother of Ofuji, Namishichi's wife. He who is a villain found Teruhime in Namishichi'a house. He tried to catch her by a false play with his comrades, Shirozo and Yahashi no Hashizo, but failed. Dohachi killed his sister, Ofuji and fled offshore the Biwako Lake by boat with Teruhime.
Namishichi followed them, had fights against the fishermen. Then he cut his belly and prayed to God that Teruhime would return to him. The boat in which Dohachi and Teruhime rode was back by a blast of wind. After killing Dohachi, Namishichi forced off the boat with Teruhime in it and died.
In front of the gate of Hohkoin Temple in the Province of Mino, Oguri saved the mother and her daughter of Manpuki-choja. The daughter fell in love with him and he promised to marry her because he wanted to get the missing treasure, Kachidoki no Kutsuwa in her home. Oguri Hangan found this widow had been a Teruhime's nurse and that a maid at this house was Teruhime. Asaka tried to make her daughter to give up this love, but she refused. At last Asaka killed her daughter. By her curse Oguri Hangan's face became agry and he couldn't walk.
Pulling a cart with Oguri Hangan in it, Teruhime followed Yugyo Shonin and reached Yu no Mine Mountain. Priests and Oguri Hangan prayed earnetly at the bathroom house. As the result of spiritual power of Kumano Gongen, Oguri Hangan could recover.
The lackey came running with the news that the Daizen's treason was revealed and that the shogun Ashikaga ordered Oguri Hangan to beat them. By the miracle of Kuma no Gongen, a white horse appeared from the picture and Oguri and Teruhime flew to a big fall of Kegon in the Province of Hitachi on the white horse. The father and his son of Yokoyama was going to attack Kamakura. Oguri Hangan, Teruhime, Fujinami had fights with them and finally beat them.

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